Monday, February 3, 2014

New Milk

Mixed Nut Milk

I like trying new products and today at the grocery I found two new types of non dairy beverages.  One is a mix of almond, cashew and hazelnuts.  The other is a sunflower milk.  Most of these 'milks' taste the same to me.  However, the sunflower had a distinctive smell and taste.  I used it to make a Wild Rice Soup. Onions were sauteed in vegetable oil and flour was added. Then I added veggie stock, a little at time, to make a thick sauce.  This was added to a mix of already cooked wild rice, almonds and shredded carrots. Then the sunflower milk was added with a little sherry and parsley.  I cooked it until it was thick.
Wild Rice Soup
A side salad of spinach, mango salsa, and black olives with thousand island dressing and a sprinkle of nutritional yeast accompanied the soup.  We had some tortilla chips for a little crunch.
After dinner I made some Chocolate Pudding with the mixed nut milk. The pudding used unsweetened chocolate, cocoa, sugar, cornstarch and vanilla in addition to the milk.  This was all cooked on the stove top.
Pudding ready to be chilled
The pudding is cooling overnight so I will get to try it tomorrow.
Sunflower Milk

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