Wednesday, February 5, 2014

It's Bananas

Banana Froyo
Did lots of cooking with bananas today.  I started the morning with a homemade banana frozen yogurt.  I blended a frozen banana with some soy strawberry frozen yogurt. The picture does not do it justice.  It had a very creamy texture and that frozen yogurt taste.
Chocolate Pudding
The chocolate pudding I made yesterday was ready to eat today. It turned out great. Very chocolaty, good texture and nice pudding taste.  Using cornstarch thickened it up very nicely. 
Banana Bread
I made two different loaves of Banana Bread.  The first one used a mix of white flour and oat flour. I went a little nonvegan with it.  The recipe called for dry milk and I still had some on hand.  I think I have had that package for a few years.   But that's the purpose of dry milk right?  It doesn't go bad.  This loaf rose up really well and tasted great.
Whole wheat Banana Bread
The second loaf was made with whole wheat flour, two fake eggs instead of one, and a half cup more of walnuts.  No dry milk in this.  If did not rise up as much and looks like a much more dense and heavy loaf.  I did not taste this one.  It is going in the freezer for another day.
I used the first loaf for lunch to take a peanut butter sandwich with orange marmalade. Very filling.

Dinner was comfort food time. I had leftover refried beans topped with mashed potatoes and brown gravy on a bed on spinach.  I can eat stuff like this all day.

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