Sunday, February 2, 2014

Date Day

After being up until the early AM from the midnight run, Tommy and I sleep in late.  We have not done that in a long time.  First order of business was to take the dogs to Pooches and Purrs for daycare and baths.  They were fluffy and nice smelling when we got them back in the evening.
Pear Melon White Tea

Then it was off to Brunch at Teavolve.  It has been a couple of months since we ate there. I started off with a pot of Pear Melon White Tea.  The melon flavor was dominant - it was like drinking a hot honey dew melon. One of the reasons we love Teavolve is for their Red Sangria.  The drink is made with roobios tea and for my tastes, the best sangria in Baltimore.  Also, it is half price by the pitcher at brunch.
Red Sangria

Teavolve is also vegan friendly.  The soup of the day was a Tomato Rice Soup made without cream.  The tomato flavor is more intense without the dairy.

The soup was followed by the Marinated Tofu Salad with a warm, spicy vinaigrette. These two items were enough to fill me up, especially with all the liquids.
Tofu Salad
After a lingering 2 hours of food and drink, we wandered into Harbor East for some shopping.  Tommy needed some new athletic shoes, so we headed into the Underarmour store.  He now has some florescent yellow shoes for the gym.  While we were there, we added a tee shirt and a sweatshirt. Next up was Urban Chic to replace Tommy's jeans that disintegrated a weeks ago.  I added in a sweater for myself.  A pair of socks at City Sports finished the shopping.

After all that shopping, we needed a drink.  Of course, we headed to Wit & Wisdom.  Tommy love the Japanese scotch and the wine choices are always great.  While we were, we ran into some friends who were doing a wine tasting.  We had the chance to have a drink with them before heading out to pick up the dogs.
Wit & Wisdom

A few days ago in the Highlandtown area, a woman was stabbed to death during a home invasion.  One of the FB entries I read while at Wit & Wisdom mentioned that she was a bartender at Shiso Tavern.  We have a favorite bartender there that was about the same age and we were worried that the victim was her.  We always sit at the bar and she takes good care of us.  There was a huge sigh of relief when we walked in and she was tending bar.  The victim worked there part time and was not someone we had seen before.  After talking about what happened, we had some dinner.
I started with  the vegetarian sushi.  Tofu and veggies are on the inside and cucumber is wrapped around the seaweed.
Miso Soup

The sushi was followed by Miso Soup.
Spring Rolls

The last dish was some Vegetable Spring Rolls with a spicy sweet and sour sauce.  After that it was time to go home.  All in all, this was a great Date Day.  It is nice to have a relaxing day with no obligations. We rarely eat out these days, so it makes a day like today so much better.
Make it so Number One - Tommy in the Captain's chair

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