Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Well, I wanted to start showing some pictures, but the wireless is too slow and won't make the connection. So, I guess that I will start talking without the visuals.

First, the people here are so nice. I was sitting on the floor of the balcony area of the hotel while connecting with the computer. A member of the staff brought me out a table and chair without me asking. Everyone has been so pleasant.

This is my first trip to Africa. I believed I came with realistic expections. The interesting thing is the area is so nicer than I expected. One could easily believe that they are in a remote area of Europe. One of the pictures that I will add later shows houses on a hillside. The scene is extremely similar to Northern Portugal. The homes are built on slopping hill similar to the ones that vineyards are planted on. The size, building materials, style and colors of the homes are reminescent of Pinhao. I had this mental image of row after row of tin shacks which are common in many areas including some we flew over in Ethiopia. But these are made from masonry.

Our group is haveing a dinner wit hte Mayor of Kigali that starts now, so I am heading down. Spell check will not engage so forgive any errors. Hopefully I can add more later.

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