Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Funday

Hickory Syrup
Actually, the Ravens lost so it was not a fun day.  But there is food to write about.  When driving through Virginia last year, we came across this hickory syrup harvested in Virginia.  It is flavored with vanilla and definitely has a hickory taste.  You would not mistake it for maple, yet it has a smokey satisfying sweet taste.  I used it this week on banana pancakes.
Banana Pancakes
The batter was made by mixing oats and almond milk in a blender, then adding banana, flour and baking powder. I topped them with chopped walnuts.

For dinner tonight we had a skillet meal of shallots, red bell pepper, jalapeno, roasted corn, broccoli, arugula and toasted cashews. A simple sauce of sherry and soy sauce was added and I sprinkled nutritional yeast on top.  Yesterday, we did a 6 mile walk on the BWI Loop.  Afterwards, we stopped on my favorite vegan restaurant - The Great Sage in Clarksville.
Black Bean Quesadilla
I started with a serving of a Black Bean Quesadilla with salsa on a soft corn tortilla. Tommy started with a Tomato and White Bean Soup.  We then split a Quinoa and Green Chili burger that we devoured so quickly, I forgot to take a picture.
For dessert I had a Chocolate Mousse Tart with granche and pomegranate seeds.  Yeah, this was good.
Chocolate Mousse Tart

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